Creating a sustainable cement production business for tomorrow means taking the right steps today. It’s much more than optimising plant efficiency and increasing production capacity. It’s about facing up to the vital issues – environmental impact, sustainability, social responsibilities and emissions regulations – that are challenging traditional production philosophies.
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Find out how to achieve a sustainable cement production business. We offer some of the latest, most important insights we have learned – minimising use of resources, optimising output and maximising the return on assets – based on 130 years in the cement industry.
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People are a valuable resource and investing in training and empowering the local workforce will give a significant return in the shape of reduced employee turnover rate, improved availability and equipment reliability rates. 


With energy constituting upwards of 40% of the cost in cement production, improving energy consumption – and thus limiting costs – will be crucial in order to remain competitive tomorrow.  


Productivity enhancements, capacity increases and simultaneous cost reductions are vital in order to remain competitive. Often they are the result of strong leadership, collaboration and modernisation using world-class technology. 


Lowering emissions of particulate matter, SO2, NOx and CO by applying state-of-the-art filters and pollution control technologies is not just a matter of complying with environmental rules and regulations it is also good sustainable business.









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How do you navigate successfully though the competitive
cement business of tomorrow, exploit the opportunities
while overcoming the challenges?
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tomorrow matters

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